1. Louise's Porch

From the recording Louise's Porch

David Earl - organ, piano, guitar
Mitch Fischels - bass guitar
Drew Fischels - vocals, guitar

Tony Rincon - pedal steel guitar
Cameron Page - drums

Recorded by David Earl at Dywer House, Austin, Texas
Mixed at Whitinghouse, Iowa City, Iowa
Mastered by Huxley Huxtable

Cover Art by Heather Sundquist Hall
Layout by Hedonista Guided Travels


The sun shoved the shade from the deck
But in time
He'll swing and he'll set goodnight

Would she mind
If I take it all in
From the vantage of her rocking chair
With my rosewood pipe and binoculars
Thanks for having me

Miss Louise
If you were around you'd see me
I'm shamblin down your cinder block steps
Like I think I'm Old Bull Lee
Miss Louise
I don't have to wonder if you see me
In this Georgia wood with the Mystic Oak
I have to stop and say

That I thank you
For the owl feathers
They'll go over real nice
And thank you for the sunshine
Jumpin through the pines
Where only shadows measure time
And bees are the size of thumbs
Louise I'm looking through your photo albums

I see Miss Louise
Bills in hand
In a button-up red shirt
And haloed white hair
I'm sorry Miss Louise
Are you a ghost now
Walkin from the Juke Joint to the Mystic Oak
It's Georgia living
On Louise's porch
So nice
Wish everyone could have a try
So nice
Wish everyone could have a try
Sitting in God's empty chair